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Group Walks

Give your dog the enjoyment of running around with other dogs. I walk in a variety of different locations including parks, beaches and the woods!

I like to do 1 or 2 solo walks with a new dog before introducing them to group walks, and the first group will always be in a private field so I can assess their temperament and check group dynamics in a safe setting. 

All dogs on a group walk must get on well with other dogs and be over 6 months old. I don't require dogs to be neutered in order to start walks, however, should their behaviour disrupt the group then I would request they are moved to solo walks before neutering. I do not walk in season bitches, but they can return to groups 2 weeks after their season has finished. 



I cover Whiteley, Sarisbury Green, Locks Heath, Park Gate, Titchfield Common, Curbridge, Burridge and Warsash

Solo Walks

If your dog needs 121 care then we can also offer solo walks of 30 or 45 minutes.


Pop-in Visits

If you are going to be away from home for a few hours then we can pop in and let your pets out in the garden, play with them, feed them etc. Pop in visits are up to 15 minutes and do not include a walk.


Cat Visits

Going on holiday but don't want to put your cat into a cattery? We can schedule up to 2 visits per day to pop in, feed the cats and change litter trays.


Small Animal Care

If you're going away but can't find someone to mind your smaller pets? Let us look after them, we can schedule 1 or 2 visits per day to pop in, feed, clean and play with them whilst  you are away.

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