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Stormy walks and why you should avoid them!

During Storm Eunice yesterday, I had to relent to the constant whining and I took Obi for a short walk. Like many dogs, he just won’t poo in the garden and he knows his morning routine is to go for a walk. If that doesn’t happen then he just won’t settle.

It was a far from pleasant experience in the wind, and I noticed several signs of stress from Obi that meant he wasn’t enjoying the walk either.

You may think it’s OK outside, but if your dog is showing any of these signs please get them home and keep them safe indoors.

  • Walking in a zig-zag, disorderly manner

  • Barking/lunging at triggers

  • Frequently turning around to check things out

  • Won’t take treats

  • Not able to focus on you

  • Pulling ahead on lead (more than normal)

  • Obvious startled response to noises (cowering)

  • Pulling to go back home

  • Trying to escape from the collar/harness

  • Reluctance to move forward (the dog puts on his brakes/freezes)

  • Excessively scanning the area (looking side to side)

  • Yawning

  • Excessive shaking (as if wet, not shivering)

If you have to go out, I would suggest a quick street walk on the shortest lead you have. As soon as that poo was done we were homeward bound!


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