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Canine Nutrition Advisory Services

I am a qualified Canine Nutritionist and I offer a range of affordable packages to help you manage any dietary issues with your dogs. 


I think there's a good diet out there for every dog, whether that's homemade, tinned, raw or dry. I have no preference towards any one type of food, and have in fact tried most diets for my beagle before settling on his current food. 

I will work with you to find a food that is the best for your dog, but that also works within your lifestyle, preferences and budget. I don't believe in recommending something that is not sustainable long-term. I want you to be able to find a food that works and then be able to stick with it. 

I also offer allergy testing with all my packages, so often I hear dog owners say 'I think he's allergic...' or 'I'm pretty sure she is intolerant to...', and the truth is you just don't know unless you test. The quicker in the process that this happens the better. I don't want to be recommending food that ultimately won't help. Identifying allergens may also pinpoint non-food issues that may be causing problems for your dog. 

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